Choose The Right Firewall For Your Business

A firewall is a system which is used to prevent unauthorized access to a network from another private network. It is used by both small and large companies to protect their systems. It monitors the outgoing and incoming network traffic and takes a decision to either block or allow considering on a defined set of rules and regulations. However, if you are to put a firewall for your company, then you should know what is the most suitable one. Otherwise you will be in big trouble due to so many complications. Let’s look at some of the factors to be considered. 

Understanding the outgoing and incoming traffic 

Generally, firewalls block traffic by imposing a virtual road block between good and bad on internet. Sometimes it helps you as an desktop cloud solution, which means it screens your internal network before it goes out to the internet. Further, there are some firewalls which are very specific and block depending on the content which is moving to and from the system. If it is a software firewall, there will be an anti-virus programme and email scanning as well. 

Another advantage is, it will help you by providing traffic reports. By looking at it you can see who has tried accessing inappropriate websites and also who has attempted to breach the network. 

The bandwidth 

Here you will need to know your current WAN bandwidth from your provider. For example, you may have 20 mbps link with the capability to rupture 35 mbps. Match that info with any data that you use and then try to identify the potential bandwidth growths in the coming years. 

Layered security 

This is about whether you are going to put additional gateway security for your firewall or not. It you are using a WAN acceleration solution, then it is vital to add a layer of security. But, installing this could affect the performance. It will not be a big issue to worry as long as you start with a small box. Thus, focus on your future and size it properly. Constantly look at UTM (unified threat management) number for the products you are considering. 

Get the correct details 

It would be an exhausting thing to shop for a good firewall. In addition to what are mentioned above, you will have to find out more features such as network address translation, port management, door ways to internet etc. This is a tough job indeed. And you cannot do this on your own. If you are running your own small company, then definitely you must consult an IT professional before making a decision.